FSS Forms
Application for Registration of an Employer (by a Company).pdf
Application for Registration of an Employer (by an Individual).pdf
FB1 Fringe Benefits Personal History Sheet.pdf
FB2 Application for Reduced Rate for Point to Point Service or Delivery.pdf
FS3 Payee Statement of Earnings.pdf
FS5 Payers Monthly Payment Advice.pdf
FS7 Payers Annual Reconciliation Statement.pdf
PE Number De-Activation Form.pdf
PE Number Re-Activation Form.pdf
Social Security
Part Time Self Employed Females Pro-Rata.pdf
SSC Refund 15(5).pdf
SSC Refund 15(6).pdf
SSC Refund 15(7).pdf
SSC Refund 15(8).pdf
Instructions to fill VAT Return post 1 January 2010.pdf
New VAT Registration Application.pdf
VAT Return Specimen.pdf
VAT Return User Guide.pdf
Companies Act - Fees Regulations.pdf
Companies Act.pdf
Company Formation Guide.pdf
Company Registration Guide.pdf
Application for Information.pdf
Application for School Exemption 16.pdf
Application for School Exemptions Over 16.pdf
Employment Engagement Form.pdf
Employment Termination Form.pdf
Tax - Individuals
Profit and Loss Account.pdf
Return Attachment 13 Deduction for Childcare Facilities at the Workplace.pdf
Return Attachment 14 Deduction for Fees Paid in Respect of Tertiary Studies.pdf
Return Attachment 17 Highly Qualified Persons.pdf
Sports Fees Claim for Deduction.pdf
TA22 Part Time Self-Employed.pdf
TA23 Part Time Employment.pdf
Tax Return Help Booklet.pdf
Tax Miscellaneous Forms
Expatriate Taxpayer Registration Form.pdf
PR1 Application Under Residents Scheme Regulations 2004.pdf
PT Reduction Form.pdf
Registration of a Trust.pdf