Audit & Assurance

Paul Mifsud provides audit and assurance services to Limited Liability companies to ensure and enhance business performance. Paul Mifsud provides all of his clients with a full range of accountancy services including VAT and Tax returns, maintaining of accounting systems, budgets and cash flows.

Paul Mifsud covers a wide range of clientele from large businesses to foreign investors, companies and individuals, and each client is given a dedicated and personalised service designed to meet with their specific business and legal requirements. 

Statutory Audits

Paul Mifsud’s statutory audits services assist his clients with their current accounting systems that may lead to costing errors. Paul Mifsud provides an objective and analytical approach, whilst constantly ensuring an honest and expert approach.

He offers detailed assessments and provides an analysis on which to increase audit efficiency whilst always adhering to International Standards.

Internal Audits

Paul Mifsud assists his clients in pinpointing and assessing the main issues facing a business in terms of maintainable profits and cash flow systems. The process begins with a detailed investigative analysis of results, tax, cash flows, systems and controls, pensions, benefits, compensation, legal and environmental factors.

Other Assurances

Other assurances undertaken by Paul Mifsud include risk analysis and existing internal audit services to fraud investigations, regular audit ‘health-checks’ and assessments, to the provision of a complete managed service tailor made to suit the client and the type of business.